LEADERSHIP 2019-2020
Executive Board:
President – Janeva Longacre
President–Elect/Parliamentarian – Julie Crowley
Vice President-Membership – Julie Sheridan
Vice President-Service – Marla Nunally
Vice President-Development – Bonnie Cameron
Vice President-Communications – Gayle Jenkins
Secretary – Pam Carpenter
Treasurer – Kristy Shaw
JFI Representative – Marilyn Wessel
Advisor to the President – Lexia Allen
Service Chairs:
Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center – Claudia Aronoff, Anne Dankberg, Shari Nevelow
Hope’s Door New Beginning Center – Candy Carby, Elaine Foster
Juliette Fowler Communities – Cindy Jefferson, Cindy Zwick
Network of Community Ministries – Ginny Delflache, Lisa Montgomery
Ronald McDonald House of Dallas – Roberta Schwartz, Sue Sereboff, Maureen Waldie
The Ebby House – Lisa Moon Grams, Vanessa Hoffman
The Family Place / Resale – Marilyn Hearne, Renee Parrett

Provisional Chairs – Kathy Havel, Pat Smothermon
Social Chairs – Meeting Mgt.– Kathleen Lane, Jenny Williamson
Social Chairs –Social Events – Susie Anderson, Valerie McMahan
Sustainer Chair – Ann M. Jones
Directory/Handbook – Judy Ordemann, Shirley Tallis
Hours Manager – Susan Stone

Spring Event – Diane Devin
Design Team – Penny Sanders
Silent Auction – DeeAnn Spencer

Newsletter – Janeva Longacre
Internal Communications – Ginger Choucair
Publicity – Carol Everett
Facebook – Holly Pritchard
Historian – Elaine Foster
Database Manager – Carolyn Tobin

Office Manager – Roberta Schwartz
Office Manager-Scheduling – Judy Ordemann
JFI Officer – Mary Lou Fleming
Treasurer’s Assistant – Mary Preslar