A thank you note from Ronald McDonald House
A thank you note from Ronald McDonald House
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In their more than 20 years of service with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, DJF has provided sustained financial and volunteer support for the annual Crimes Against Children Conference, allowing hundreds of professionals in the child abuse field to gain access to critical and lifesaving training and impact the lives of countless children. The influence of DJF volunteers can also be felt inside the walls of DCAC, as they infuse every service opportunity with kindness and love. We are honored and humbled to call the women of Dallas Junior Forum community partners. 
Becky Aguilar, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

I wanted to share the below story with you as it clearly illustrates the tremendous impact scholarships to CACC has on law enforcement. We are so so grateful to DJF for the sustained support of DCAC through funding conference scholarships and sending your team of expert volunteers to ensure our conference is best-in-class each year. We absolutely could not host over 5,000 professionals without DJF’s care, commitment and coordination. You truly make the conference run like a well-oiled machine and we are so very grateful. Please let me know if I can provide any other information at this time. We are so thrilled to receive scholarship support once again this year. Have a fabulous holiday!

“Salina, KS is a community of 50,000 people. There are currently 5 detectives assigned to the police department criminal investigation division, of which I am one of the five. We investigate all types of crimes to include crimes against children. Attending this conference will help by providing robust, condensed training on topics associated to investigating crimes against children. Furthermore, non-law enforcement MDT members from my community will be attending and attending the conference with them will help to strength our MDT working relationship. Budgetary constraints at the police department for training have made it difficult, if not outright impossible, to attend valuable out of state training. This conference will provide training which will help me to conduct efficient, in depth investigations involving child victims. In addition, because Salina is a large community for central Kansas, smaller police departments routinely seek assistance and suggestions regarding investigating crimes against children. Not only will this training assist me within my own community, but will also have the effect of impacting other communities when my local contacts and colleague network reach out to me to request assistance.” – Daniel Glen, Detective, City of Salina Police Department

Claire Collins
Director of Foundations and Development Operations