Photos and Social Media

Please send photos to my email address for posting on our Website and Facebook and for the president’s book. With all photos, please add a short description of the event. Please send photos “Actual Size.”

If you post on your own Facebook account or Tweet about your activities with DJF, please include #DallasJuniorForum so the greater Dallas area will learn about DJF. Do not mention names in your posts and be sure members in your photos do not mind having their images posted. Also, we must respect the rules of our agencies who may not want photos of their clients published.
If you have questions about how to send photos, or if you have photos on your camera and do not know how to upload and send those, just call or email me for help. We depend on your photos and appreciate them so much.

Thank you!

VP Communications Elaine Foster ~ 972-816-3715 ~